Sunderland Echo Article

Why you need the right words

It may be something like this press release from thewritestuff in April of 2010, when Roseberry Leisure announced plans for 800 jobs in Sunderland.

Or . . .

  • You are announcing a record profit.
  • You have a great new product.
  • You are starting or buying a business, or merging.
  • You are expanding and taking on extra staff.
  • You have won an award.
  • You need crisis management.
  • You would like to get into sponsorship, provided you can achieve full value in terms of the publicity you gain.
  • You have a story everybody will enjoy hearing, because something has happened in your business life which is highly unusual or funny.

The Roseberry Leisure press release ticked the following boxes . . .

  • Front page lead in the Sunderland evening newspaper.
  • Followed up by TV and radio.
  • Built up the company profile with human interest detail.
  • Opened up instant direct dialogue with all forms of the media