We had an Under-16 golf tournament on TV twice

2011 McGregor Trophy leaflet
Durham logo

I was chairman of the SAAP when we took the unprecedented decision to support a golf tournament, the 2011 England Under-16 Open, for the McGregor Trophy. Nobody could ever remember this particular tournament being on television before.

This time it received priceless air time on both the regional TV stations - twice - and the Durham County Council logo was there for all the viewers to see. This happened because part of our arrangement with South Moor, the only golf club in Stanley, was that they spent a sizeable amount of the grant putting the town on the map.

South Moor hired thewritestuff and, as well as the TV exposure, they generated a two-page spread in the Daily Express, local radio coverage plus phenomenal and meaningful publicity in the North East newspapers. There were also many stories on-line.

Tim Taylor, who runs thewritestuff, has a national newspaper background in news and sport. His experience in dealing with all sections of the business, political and media worlds came into play on many occasions. I heartily recommend thewritestuff to anybody who wants to publicise their business or organisation as widely as possible.

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